ECO POOLS & LANDSCAPING, based in Melbourne, is a leading swimming pool company specialising in the design, construction, and maintenance of residential and commercial pools. Our outstanding designs have earned us more than 29 prestigious awards, including Gold Medals from both the Victorian and national Swimming Pool & Spa Associations. We have also received numerous accolades from Lifestyle Magazine, such as Best Integrated Pool, Best Enclosed Pool, and National Pool of the Year.

As a premier provider of pool construction, renovations, and landscape, we are committed to excellence in quality and style. Our reputation stands as a testament to our dedication. From renovating swimming pools and installing spas to maintaining backyard pools, you can count on us to bring your vision to life with outstanding results every step of the way.


At ECO POOLS & LANDSCAPING, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service. To achieve this, it’s crucial to have a top-notch team. Our skilled workforce possesses the necessary experience and resourcefulness to ensure that your project not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We are committed to retaining high-quality staff, investing in their development, and providing opportunities for growth and professional advancement.



With over 30 years experience Gary has a thorough understanding of the Building Construction Industry.  Gary has successfully led a series of projects and site teams to meet demanding time frames and produced outstanding quality outcomes at some of Australia’s leading construction companies, such as Multiplex and Lend Lease.

With his extensive knowledge of construction methodology and detailing on shopping centres, office developments, residential apartments and major recreational and institutional facilities, from concept to completion, he leads the team with a hands on approach.

In addition, Gary successfully owned and operated Natural Pools and Landscaping for over 10 years and is responsible for the day to day operations of Wacky Water Play and Exco Construct.



Floyd has 40 years experience in the construction and real estate industry in a wide range of roles in the various companies he has worked with.

He started his career in a PQS firm as a QS and later moved into contracting environment. He possesses the skills to plan, develop, implement systems to control and manage the integration of all the functions of administration and construction management process to successfully complete projects.

Floyd holds an MBA in Construction and Real Estate and is committed to ensuring  professionalism and a high standard in  quality assurance and risk management of the business.   



ECO POOLS identified the potential to create a product which was easy to transport and consequently, opted to utilise the Paneltim Multipower Panel system. This decision was primarily driven by the panel’s lightweight nature, ease of maintenance, and resistance to typical swimming pool chemicals, in addition to being UV stabilised.


Paneltim plastic panels offer excellent insulation values, as demonstrated by the Paneltim Multipower Panel with a thickness of 50 mm (1.2”), which has an R-value of [0.267 m²K/W] (DIN 52612-1). This feature provides a significant advantage over conventional pool construction materials and eliminates the need for additional insulation.


Paneltim panels can be quickly and easily produced in our standard range of sizes using butt and extrusion welding techniques. The stiffness of the panels also allows for easy construction of seats and stairs.


This means that if you have limited space and need to maneuver the pool through a small entryway or tight spot, the weight of the Paneltim Panel is a significant factor to consider. Fortunately, the Eco Plunge pools construction not only ensures durability and strength but also makes it easy to handle vertically, making it an ideal choice for compact spaces.


ECO POOLS can be constructed using Paneltim instead of other traditional materials such as concrete, liner, thin solid sheets, or polyester. Paneltim, a durable and lightweight material, is an ideal option for building plunge pools due to its strength and versatility. By using Paneltim, ECO POOLS can be constructed in a more eco-friendly manner, as the material is 100% recyclable. Additionally, Paneltim is resistant to chemicals and UV radiation, ensuring the longevity of the plunge pool. With its ease of installation and low maintenance requirements, Paneltim is a smart choice for constructing high-quality plunge pools.